Insights of Ngan Yin

Staying fit in competition is what makes a brand stands out and stand firm. To continually being the market leader; crucial steps need to be taken.

Dedicating to the future with the following mission statement:

To maintain as the leading shelled groundnuts company in Malaysia by producing only the highest quality of groundnuts.

Proactively nurture highly skilled and passionate management team and workforce in the pursuit of achieving highest customer satisfaction.

Building new channels and products in the groundnuts business through creativity and innovations.

Story of the Founder

The Beginning

Every story which involves Oversea Chinese would link back to the ancestral trail of China. For those who came to Malaysia or better known as Nanyang at the 1800s were of one reason; to seek fortune in hopes of survival. With tin mines and rubber plantation as the sole money-making location, other pursuits of economic growth were taking places too as the immigrants were scattered all around Nanyang.

Stepping Into Nanyang

The young Mr. Ngan Yin of the Panyu Clan as with most migrants, started from zero in the foreign land which is more than 2000 miles away from his origin home; Guangdong, China. Along with him was his beloved mother and aunt, traveling from sea to land in search of Mr. Ngan Yin’s father who came to Malaysia years earlier but lost contact of. After searching for months, Mr. Ngan Yin’s father was still nowhere to be found and they are about to go penniless without any income. Since they had already traveled so far and life must go on, they decided to stay yet continue with the search. It was 1929 and he Mr. Ngan Yin was 10 years old then.

From Zero to Cheroot

Back to square one is not easy but with determination and diligence as always taught by Mr. Ngan Yin’s mother, the family soon settled down in Kampar, Perak. Mr. Ngan Yin’s first job was in the tin mining industry and as for his mother, selling vegetables in the market together with a few odd jobs were the main source of their income. After a few years, Mr. Ngan Yin saved some money and started to trade vegetables to save even more money. With sufficient capital to start his own business at the young age of 25 where he ventured into tobacco industry producing and selling cheroots.

Seeding the First Groundnuts

After the second World War ended, the tobacco industry was badly affected by imported cigarettes and that makes Mr. Ngan Yin’s cheroots production drop like flies. Though young in age and not highly educated, Mr. Ngan Yin was a smart and observance person. He saw the opportunity in the other side of business which was producing groundnuts. His then home which was in Aston Settlement, Kampar was soon turned into a ‘cottage industry’ where the production and selling of groundnuts took place. Business was good and the space of the production grew bigger and bigger year by year. And that was how the story of a small cottage house industry turns into a large production factory begins.

Characteristics of a True Leader

A person endowed with traits of a mature and ambitious value was what Mr. Ngan Yin’s first impression to the people around when he first started the small business in their house. His ability to care and to lead were ubiquitous among his fellow co-workers which makes him a good mentor and as a boss. He could be strict at times but with his diligence and hard working attitude, he has been a good role model to his subordinates.


People says that a great leader can be shaped through good education but Mr. Ngan Yin was born to be a good leader as he didn’t have the chance to receive as much education as the people thought he had. It was his second nature to lead his people with humble and guidance. One of the subordinates recalled that Mr. Ngan Yin would wait in patience for all of the workers to finish their work before partaking dinner together. The warmest part was the homemade soup by Mr. Ngan Yin’s mother where everyone would be serve a bowl before leaving after a long night work. It was his devotion towards people that wins the loyalty of the employees; hence, together they stayed to assist in the growing of the company years to come.

Generosity as an Aid

With a big vision at heart, Mr. Ngan Yin worked his way up to build a solid foundation for the company to ensure that his family and descendants would have a smooth path to walk on and continue his legacy. Never left out from his vision was to contribute back to the community. Apart from offering working opportunity for a lots of Kampar residence, he donated to lots of institutions including old folks home, orphanage and also various associations. He was once the chairman of Pun Yi Association and the executive chairman of Pei Yan Primary School.

To Dad with Love

After years gone by with the business growing day by day and Mr. Ngan Yin’s children were capable enough to help out; he sets his never forgotten mission which was to search for his father. He even travels back to China in hopes of meeting his father but the sad truth is that Mr. Ngan Yin never saw his father even till the day of his demise. He suffered a heart attack during an outing with his family in 1980 and passed away en route to the hospital. Mr. Ngan Yin was cremated in Ipoh on a fine sunny day.

Milestone of Ngan Yin


Establishment of the small cottage industry at Aston Settlement.


From 3 to a group of 10 employees.


Shifted from the small cottage industry to Kampung Sultan, Kampar; employing over 100 employees.


Revive against the big flood that causes a big loss on the business that very year.


Celebrities from Hong Kong endorsing the groundnuts.


Expansion of another larger factory in Mambang Di Awan with the employment of 300-400 people.


Establishing Ngan Yin Groundnuts Factory Sdn. Bhd.


Exporting the groundnuts.


Diversified to Palm Oil Industry.


The sad passing away of Mr. Ngan Yin.


Mechanizing the factory due to rapid demands increment.


Stepping into housing development industry.


New product line launching for Shandong Roasted Groundnuts.


Launching of new product line for savoury nuts.


Going international. Changing the name from Cap Tangan to Thumbs and changing from Ngan Yin Groundnuts Factory to Ngan Yin Food Industries.

Contributing for Good

Giving back to the community is part of the late Mr. Ngan Yin’s sole vision and it is followed closely without neglect by the director of the company.


Free distributions of nuts during the Merdeka Cup.

Since 1975

Organizing Ngan Yin Cup for the Kampar Volleyball Association as a encouragement of healthy pursuits.


Fund raising charity event organization to purchase new dialysis machines for NFK centre.

Sponsorship Programme for :

Various kindergartens and schools on Sports Day.

Free nuts, t-shirts and funds for participants of Starwalks and Ipoh International Run.

Open days and meetings budget for Rotary Club and Lions Club.